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Improving the quality of life for seniors

increase personal support

Our government's initiative to improve transperancy in health care

Our government's efforts to protect renters

by placing new requirements on landlords.

2017 Annual Community BBQ

Saturday, September 09 2017

Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund (CIRF)

Ontario has launched a new online tool to help people find information at hospitals.

Increasing access to stem cell treatments

for individuals with complex blood cancers.

Electrify the GO Network

Investment of $21.3 billion

Grow the Digital Media Industry in our Province.

allowing government to partner with businesses that are creating jobs, enhancing productivity, innovation and exports.

Ontario's outstanding economic performance

outperformed Canada and the U.S and all other G7 countries.

Ontario's high performance athletes

direct funding for amateur athletes to assist with costs.

More than $62,000 in rebates

Our government's plan to enhance retirement security

protecting benefit security for workers and retirees

Support refugees and vulnerable new comers who have made Ontario their home

support their successful transition into our society.

Electrify the GO Network

Investment of $21.3 billion

Our Government's latest initiative to increase the number of emergency leave days.

our plan to ensure that workers are treated with dignity and respect.

Our government will be introducing legislation to increase the minimum wage to $14

To ensure that Ontario's workers are paid fairly.

Our government's latest initiative, which will provide free prescription medication for individuals up and until the age of 24.

Our government is investing in affordable housing units in the City of Toronto

Investments in education are starting to bear fruit.

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