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Support refugees and vulnerable new comers who have made Ontario their home

support their successful transition into our society.

Our Government's latest initiative to increase the number of emergency leave days.

our plan to ensure that workers are treated with dignity and respect.

Our government will be introducing legislation to increase the minimum wage to $14

To ensure that Ontario's workers are paid fairly.

Our government's latest initiative, which will provide free prescription medication for individuals up and until the age of 24.

Our government is investing in affordable housing units in the City of Toronto

Investments in education are starting to bear fruit.

Our Government's initiativ‎es to assist people living with dementia

Government's initiative to provide more available and affordable child care.

New plans to ensure that 24,000 more have access to child care.

Making housing affordable is an important priority for our government.

for renters and prospective home buyers.

Reducing class sizes and boosting support for our students is an important priority

we believe that investing in the future of our province.

Our Government is eliminating the $30 drive clean test fee for most vehicles

cost savings to vehicle owners

Now accepting applications for the new Ontario Student Assistance Program

making tuition free for more than 210,000 students

More jobs and investment to Ontario.

our government's commitment to growing our economy

Government announced a further reduction in hydro bills of 17%

Building the Circular economy

Reducing landfilled materials that could be reused, recycled, composted and reintegrated into the economy.

January employment in Ontario increased with the creation of 28,800 additional jobs

Numbers indicate that Ontario is on the right track with respect to our government's economic policies

Our Government is Expanding Care for People Suffering from Blood Diseases

Investment comes in the form of a new facility at Sunnybrook Health Sciences.

Government to make our environment safer by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Increasing incentives‎ for electric vehicles.

Keeping Ontario residents healthy

New Government initiatives

Ontario's economy is stronger than ever.

These positive economic indicators show ‎our economy is headed in the right direction

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