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  • Posted:March 26, 2018

Lorenzo’s statement in recognition of Bangladesh Heritage Month.

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  • Posted:March 08, 2018

My meeting this morning with Page Bavan.

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  • Posted:January 03, 2018

New Year’s Levee Saturday January 6th, 2018

Live entertainment and refreshments will be provided

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  • Posted:April 03, 2017

Now accepting applications for the new Ontario Student Assistance Program

making tuition free for more than 210,000 students

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  • Posted:March 06, 2017

Building the Circular economy

Reducing landfilled materials that could otherwise be reused, recycled, composted and reintegrated into the economy.

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  • Posted:February 16, 2017

January employment in Ontario increased with the creation of 28,800 additional jobs

Numbers indicate that Ontario is on the right track with respect to our government's economic policies

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  • Posted:February 08, 2017

Our Government is Expanding Care for People Suffering from Blood Diseases

Investment comes in the form of a new facility at Sunnybrook Health Sciences.

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  • Posted:February 08, 2017

Government to make our environment safer by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Increasing incentives‎ for electric vehicles.

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  • Posted:January 25, 2017

Keeping Ontario residents healthy

New Government initiatives

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  • Posted:January 19, 2017

Ontario's economy is stronger than ever.

These positive economic indicators show ‎our economy is headed in the right direction

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  • Posted:December 19, 2016

Helping people from disadvantaged communities.

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  • Posted:December 05, 2016

Bangladesh Heritage Month

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  • Posted:December 02, 2016

Ontario's drinking water

99.8 per cent of drinking water tested from these systems met Ontario's stringent standards

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  • Posted:November 07, 2016

Government introduces new legislation that will put Ontario Consumers First

Ensuring that Ontario consumers are adequately protected

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  • Posted:November 03, 2016

New Legislation to modernize elections

Making it easier for people to vote.

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  • Posted:October 26, 2016

Government of Ontario will be providing free language training

Equipping immigrants and newcomers with the basic skills to find jobs and adapt to a new home.

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  • Posted:October 19, 2016

Thomson Reuters announced that it will be creating 400 new jobs

Ontario's economy is on the right track

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  • Posted:October 10, 2016

Patients First Act.

Enhance patient access and experience to health care

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  • Posted:August 09, 2016

Providence Health Centre will be receiving $344,789 this year!

Across Ontario 135 hospitals will benefit from HIRF

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  • Posted:August 01, 2016

The Great Lakes are important bodies of water‎ that serve Ontario's needs on many levels.

Keeping our lakes safe

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