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  • March 11, 2018

Mental health and addiction providers are enhancing treatments and support for opioid use disorders.

Dear Residents


I am writing to you talk about the opioid crisis.  Our government has expanded access to addiction and harm reduction services across the province to counter the increasing amount of deaths that have resulted because of this crisis.


This means that more than 85 mental health and addiction providers across the province are enhancing treatments and supports for opioid use disorders.  Twelve of these providers are specifically targeting youth.  


Other strategies and approaches being used to combat the crisis involve:


1) Standards for improved prescribing of opioids for short term, acute and chronic pain.


2) Making easy to use spray - naloxone kits available for free at participating pharmacies, giving people the choice between the nasal spray and the injectable kits already available.


3) Expanding public education and making people aware about how to access naloxone and how it can be used temporarily to reverse an opioid overdose.


This is part of our government's overall plan to make Ontario safer for all residents.


Yours Truly,



Lorenzo berardinetti

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