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  • September 29, 2017

Our government's initiative to improve transperancy in health care

Dear Resident


I am writing to you to discuss our government's initiative to improve transperancy in health care.


Our government introduced a bill entitled:  The Strengthening Quality and Accountability for Patients Act 2017, which would, if passed, introduce important changes to key pieces of legislation to strengthen oversight and safeguard the quality of care in the province which would consist of the following:


1) Making it mandatory for the medical industry, including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, to disclose payments made to health care professionals and organizations as well as other organizations and recipients. 


2) ‎ Strengthening Ontario's quality and safety inspection program for long-term care homes with new enforcement tools, including financial penalties and new provincial offences for non-compliance.


3) Enabling paramedics to provide appropriate, safe and effective care for patients who call 911 by transporting them to a non-hospital setting, such as a mental health facility to better address their needs.


These measures will serve to strengthen our health care system by ensuring greater access and increased accountability.


Yours Truly,



Lorenzo Berardinetti

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