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  • August 11, 2017

Ontario has launched a new online tool to help people find information at hospitals.

Dear Resident


I would like to talk about what our government is doing to improve people's experience with our health care system.


The government of Ontario has launched a new online tool to help people find wait times information for surgeries and procedures at hospitals across the province and is providing more digital tools to keep people better informed about how our health care system is working.


These digital tools include the following:


1) Enhanced wait times information:   This new easy to use wait times tool includes the length of time between a referral received from a family doctor or a nurse practitioner and the patient's first appointment with a specialist and surgeon. This is in addition to the time between the decision on a procedure and the date the procedure is performed.


2)  This is a user focused, mobile friendly and trusted source of information about a wide variety of health services in Ontario, including how to renew health cards, find health services in one's community and obtain dental care for children.


The province is also continuing to develop other electronic tools that are increasing access to care for people such as an electronic version of an immunization card and digital self-care and virtual home visits.


All of the initiatives are assisting in decreasing wait times and improving the overall quality of health care throughout Ontario.


Yours Truly,



Lorenzo Berardinetti

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