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  • February 08, 2017

Government to make our environment safer by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Increasing incentives‎ for electric vehicles.

Dear Residents


I would like to inform you of what our government is doing to make our environment safer by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our government has led the way when it comes to lowering pollution levels and improving our environment. These intiatives stem from eliminating cold fired power plants all the way to facilitating the introduction of electric powered vehicles ‎on our roadways.

In this regard, our government has embarked on increasing incentives‎ for electric vehicles which consist of:

- Eliminating the $3,000 cap on incentives on Electric Vehicles that are fully run on battery power and are priced between $75,000 and $150,000.

- Offering incentives on vehicles produced by automakers who are partners in Ontario's new Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Advancement Partnership.

This partnership was created with the purpose of ensuring that Ontario reaches its goal that 5% of all new and leased passenger vehicles sold in Ontario by 2020 are electric and hydrogen powered.

These initiatives will help further improve air quality and overall environmental health across Ontario.


Yours Truly,


Lorenzo Berardinetti

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