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  • January 25, 2017

Keeping Ontario residents healthy

New Government initiatives

Dear Residents:

I am writing to you about our government's latest initiative to assist individuals who are trying to quit smoking and stay healthy.

Our government is committed to improving the overall health of our residents by taking a proactive approach in this area through initiatives such as providing free nicotine replacement products‎ to help smokers quit smoking when they leave the hospital. 

This assistance is in the form of quit cards that can be used at any‎ pharmacy to receive items such as nicotine patches and gum which can be redeemed at any pharmacy free of charge.

These will help further decrease the number of people in Ontario smoking which currently stands at 17.4% which is down from 24.5% ‎since 2000.

Keeping Ontario residents healthy is an important priority for this government and initiatives‎ such as these will serve this purpose.


Yours Truly,

Lorenzo Berardinetti

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