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  • July 18, 2016

New Agreement Reached With The Ontario Medical Association

to enhance the quality of patient care in Ontario

Dear Resident:

Over the past week our government reached a tentative agreement with the Ontario Medical Association‎ (the group that represents doctors in Ontario) on a new four agreement.

This agreement is important because it will ensure that residents will have uninterrupted and easy access to doctors.

This agreement contains the following items that will enhance the quality of patient care in Ontario:

- Adequate funding for new physicians to meet Ontario's growing and aging population.

- A renewed commitment to ensure that doctors are working with our government to implement the primary care guarantee which will ensure that every Ontarian will have access to a primary care giver.

- A commitment to work together to ensure improved access to primary care givers for patients for such things as same day/next day visits for urgent conditions and primary care coverage on weekends and holidays.

- Co management of the Physician Services Budget that will allow doctors and government to work together to identify savings and efficiencies. This means that more money will go toward addressing health care needs.

This agreement underscores our government's commitment to improving health care for all Ontarians.

Your Truly,

Lorenzo Berardinetti

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